Thursday, November 11, 2004

Microsoft enters Search Engine Activity

Today Microsoft has announced its entry into the search engine battle ground where Google enjoys its dominance. After Yahoo Inc broke its ties with Google and enterd the search engine now its the turn of the world's largest software vendor to enter this field. Well Microsoft has plans of having a desktop crawler. All the three american companies have entered a new-era of online commerce to take advantage of huge revenues spent on keeping your site listed on one of the Top Search engines.

How many of u have ever got this thought in your mind. Google doesn't have a decent face to its site, its just got a simple form which does a lot of work at the back-end. And Google makes much
revenue out of just its Adsense program on its partner sites. All i am trying to say is u don't need a good Web interface to make successfull company. We have lots of things to learn from google.

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