Friday, July 01, 2005

Sun Microsystems

Standford University Network well known to the world as SUN Microsystems, who made JAVA the favorite language for the WWW (world wide web).

Going by history, SUN has always tried to hold the control of JAVA. Apart from SUN, there have been lot of contirbutions to the JAVA world by IBM, BEA, HP to name a few. On the other hand the greatest, ever-growing, vibrant, diverse open-source community has been contributing dynamically towards the growth of the technology in many ways. Some of the big companies like IBM, BEA also have started contributing to the Open-Source World in developing frameworks. Thereby SUN is no longer the guiding light for the technology it invented according to this interesting article called "Sun faces open-source swarm".

Sun is not the only one who would face the challenge, rather it would be common for all the Big companies in the IT trade is from LAMP. If Open Source world would start developing products then it would definitely give a run for the money.

SUN is smart they have moved on with the open-source swarm, trying to get a major chunk on the latest techonlogy RFID which is grabbing the headlines. Here is an update on what SUN is doing w.r.t RFID.

Source: Wiki, Infoworld, ZDNet India.


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