Thursday, February 02, 2006

Direct Web Remoting or AJAX

There has been lot of noise on AJAX in the past year, especially when Google announced Google Maps. I feel it has made a some kind of impact on companies who are into developing web applications. Sometime last year I happened to read few articles on AJAX and tried out few samples and could feel the difference, when compared to the traditional MVC or Struts implementation. Today one of my friend sent me a webinar link, where Joe Walker of Getahead puts his insights on AJAX. He has also developed Direct Web Remoting (DWR), which has become the most popular Ajax toolkit for Java by making browser/server interaction intuitive for Web developers.

The webinar is quite informative in understanding the technical advantages of using DWR framework, integration support for the existing web applications developed with MVC style or Spring Framework, security concerns and the challenges in AJAX implementation. Overall this webinar gives a good overview to anyone who has to decide on building a fresh web application or moving the existing one on AJAX.

Resources: Webinar with Joe Walker | Ajax with DWR | Ajax: A New Approach to Web Applications - by Jesse James Garrett | Ajax Patterns | DWR Home | Ajax @ SUN

Website built on Ajax: | Chess game developed by Jesper Olsen

Source: IBM | The Server Side | SUN | Getahead | Adaptivepath | Baconbutty | Jesper Olsen


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