Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Google offers 3D modeling tool for free

Few months ago while I was reading the Google's Official Blog I read this post. The post titled ' A new home for @Last Software ' was written by of @Last Software. Google acquired Skecthup, which offers 3D modelling software & is now offering the same software in two versions - free & paid. I have been following Google for quite sometime now & their acquisitions of - Keyhole, Picasa, Writely & the most recent one Skecthup. What excites me is the stratergy of Google's Integration of these newly acquired services to their eco-system in a meaningful manner & offer them for free. I am eagerly waiting for Google to integrate Writely's Web Word Processor into their GMail service, so that I can have all my essential documents available anytime anywhere.

I was curious to know the
Google's Acquisitions in the past, so I digged in a bit to get this post by William Slawski of 'SEO by the SEA' titled 'Google Acquisitions'. This post has an impressive trail of companies accquired by Google starting right from the acquisition of Deja.com in the year 2001 till @LastSoftware, 2006.


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