Friday, January 04, 2013

~ Review of Chrome Remote Desktop ~

Gone are the days where one needed a static IP to access a machine remotely. 5 years ago had explored the options to access my home desktop {a Windows machine} behind a LAN via my MBP {a OSX machine}. Back then it was a tedious process to achieve cross OS remote access. However, there were solutions for PC-PC remote access like RemotePC, LogmeIn. There are others like TeamViewer  & VNC which allowed the same but you have to install the software and get it running.

Coming to the browser era, where the lines are getting blurred between what browsers & Operating Systems {OS} can achieve. Chromium comes in two avatars - Browser & the OS. Google has an App for Chrome Browser called Chrome Remote Desktop, which has come a long way. From Beta release in May 2012 to an App on Chrome Webstore today. The current release of the Chrome RDP stands at Version: 24.0.1312.32. 

The app allows one to remotely control the machine in an OS-agnostic manner when installed. You can setup a minimum 6 digit PIN to control the access to the Remote Machine. Once you have it, you can access the entire machine through a chrome tab. 

For some reason I brought my Windows desktop to life couple of months ago. Today I booted it & wanted to remote control it while I use the MBP as a primary choice. The setup is a breeze & usage has been quite good with one disconnect so far. 

Advanced features of the app can be found here.

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Blogger brad hogg said...

Chrome RDP is good. Additionally, another very good alternative is: RHUB remote support servers. It provides maximum customization and LDAP Integration.

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