Saturday, December 04, 2004


How many of us are bored using the same old Microsoft IE everyday. Microsoft has not done any major feature updates to their subsequent version releases of IE. From IE 4.0 to the latest IE 6.0 there are hardly any changes. Since Microsoft rules and dominates the OS market they have taken the consumer for granted and not added any new features.

I just came across FireFox from Mozilla, a new(atleast for me) browser last month from one of my colleagues. I installed on Nov 10th and from them i have thrashed IE. Firefox gives a lot many features(main feature it provides is to block those pop-ups) which u don't get in IE. I am not gonna tell u what are the other features of Firefox, i will leave that for you to discover yourself.

Make the switch to Mozilla Firefox today and feel the difference the way you browse. May be 85% of the population uses IE, but its if Microsoft doesn't add any features they are gonna loose slowly.

Here is the link for the downloading Mozill Firefox if u wanna support Mozilla for there work.


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