Friday, August 19, 2005

A Practical Explanation and Example of SOA for the non-Techie - Eric Stahl

If you are working in IT {Information Techonlogy} domain, then by now you should would have heard everyone across the chain ( CTOs, Architects, Developers, Marketing teams ) talking about *SOA* in one form or other.

Accorindg to some of the Research and Analysis firms like Zapthink, Gartner, Forrester Research, have predicted that SOA would be the buzzword in the year 2005. I did write a post about this in the month of Jan'05, in case u want to read click here.

Eric Stahl, Senior Director of Investor Relations at BEA, gives a very simple practical explanation & example of the use of SOA. As Eric says at the end of his post "Hopefully this entry helps cut through some of the "SOA" buzzword noise...".

The example really makes sense from the perspective of a Non-Techie, to provide the feel of what SOA & the associated Standards has to offer for the future. I really enjoyed reading the example & the explanation.

Source: dev2dev-blogs,BEA.


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