Thursday, August 25, 2005

Review - Google Talk

One more great service from Google, this time its called Google Talk. YAIM (if you didn't get what i meant, expands to Yet Another Instant Messenger) but this time its from Google's stable. Since its from Google, there must be something different from the rest.

Let me not brag too much about it, will just highlight the stuff i came across, as they say it is Integrated with GMAIL, all the contacts on your GMAIL ID are available for u, like any other IM it can be used for Instant-Messaging, you could also use it has VOIP (for Non-Techies it simply means that you can talk to another person on your list for free & the voice is clear and there is no latency).

What are the essentials for using Google Talk,
  1. Must have ID on google mail or GMAIL.
  2. Need to download Google-Talk.
  3. If u wanna talk then u need to have speaker and a microphone.
Would like to thank Satz who introduced me to GoogleTalk.

Enjoy the power of Google Talk.


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