Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Indiatimes Top 10 gadgets of the year

I would love to have few of them next year;)

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Refresh your XML

It has been quite a while since i posted on this blog, today I just thought of summing up something on XML. It has been more than a year ago when I wrote this article on XML, I know there is still a post due on the tools & APIs for XML currently available in the market. Last month I found this interesting lecture from David P. Heitmeyer, AM, Manager of Web and Applications Development, Faculty of Arts and Sciences Computer Services, Harvard University on Web Development Using XML. So I thought i would share the same with all of you who are new to XML development.

All the information available on this link is Copyright under "The President and Fellows of Harvard College". This link gives you the privilege to watch two Lectures from David P. Heitmeyer. Mr David gives you a real use case on how we would use XML for Developing Web Applications. During these lectures, Mr David also suggests few articles on XML and Web. The links to those are listed below:
Source: Harvard Distance Education | Scientific American