Tuesday, August 26, 2008

~Clearspace 2.5 feature list ~

Here is the initial list of features of Clearspace 2.5 Release Candidate.
Admin Console

Phrase Substitutions: We can add rules for phrases substitutions for space/document/discussion/blog against a particular locale & theme

Projects: Enable/Disbale the feature from admin console

Moderation Settings: Lets one add moderators & choose the contentType which needs to be moderated for a particular space.

Abuse Settings: Automatically hide content after a pre-defined Abuse Count.

Group Blogs: Gives way to System Blogs.
Blog Migration: Is a new feature. Migrating a blog will move that blog to a new location in the system. The blog and all its posts will move to the new location and be removed from the old location.


i) Organisational Relationships is renamed as User Relationships.
ii) Apart from Organisational Relationship, we have new feature called Connections (which is similar to that of Twitter).


Profile & Homepage: System administrators and Community administrators can customize the default personalized homepage.
Status Updates (of users): One can Enable/Disable this feature.
Registration Settings:
i) Any profile fields marked as required are automatically displayed.
ii) One can move the fields in the registration form display.
iii) Add a new field.
iv) Preview the form

Status Level Settings:
i) Completing tasks in a project, you get a point
ii) Default Status level can be easily edited, apart from defining new status levels

User Data Synchronization Settings: Apart from previous attributes, we have few more additions as mentioned below
i) Scheduled sync task: Can now be enabled/disabled
ii) Synchronize profile photo?
iii) Last modified LDAP attribute name

User Relationship Settings: One can manage both the Organisational Chart & Connections.
i) User connections request approval process can be enabled/disabled.
ii) Organisational Settings remain the same.

Customer Console

Basic Customization of Clearspace - choosing a color scheme, changing logo or without logo - is very simple & easy. This option is available as 'Customize Your Site' for System Administrator in Your Stuff section.

1) Status updates - Update and view your current status update.
2) Watch a User - Lists the content created by a user in the system.
3) Connection Activity - Recent activity by people you are following
4) Your Groups - Displays a list of groups for which you are a member.
5) Watah a Tag - Lists the content tagged with the given tag in the system.
6) RSS Feeb - Displays results of an RSS feed from another part of Clearspace or from any web site.
7) Your Projects - A list of projects you are following.
Search: The Global search is enhanced, where the result set is sorted based on , People, Places - Spaces/Content-Type/Group


Groups are a great way to establish a community for people who share interests. There are various types of Groups - Open, Members Only, Private, Secret.

Group Types:
i) Open membership is open and non-members can view content and participate.
ii) Members Only membership is open and non-members can view content, but must join to participate.
iii) Private membership is by approval/invitation only and only members can view content and participate.
iv) Secret membership is by invitation only, only members may participate, and the group is not listed in the group directory


i) Import/Export Tasks - Select the CSV for your project containing a list of tasks to import, or export a CSV containing a list of tasks.
ii) Project Status - You have a risk-o-meter which lets the owner change the status & others know the current status.

i) This feature is similar to that of Twitter, which allows a registered user to follow other user. It also supports to tracking user's content by RSS feed.
ii) Approve & decline functionality for Connections can be enabled/disabled in the Admin Console