Monday, July 31, 2006

Blog Surfing

It had been a while since I paid visit to few of my favorite blogs & today managed to hit a few interesting posts while I was surfing them.

First, Ronan Bradley's post 'Data: The Heart of SOA' on 'SOA Roads'.

'Source --> Data --> Process --> Information --> Decision' is the most common flow you would come across in any Data Warehousing & Data Mining business solution. Offlate everyone seems to be talking about how *data* plays a major role in SOA.

Couple of weeks ago, I was working on a business scenario for our client Raining Data's Tigerlogic MDM. In one of the scenarios we were rippling master data across the customer information records of three different business units (Telco, High Speed Internet and Satellite TV) of a large enterprise. For more on the TigerLogic MDM, please feel free to visit here.

Ronan Bradley, recently on his 'SOA Roads' has written an interesting post titled 'Data: The Heart of SOA'. He covers how data is behind exposed through services, how this *data* has been useful to the customers and has also highlighted on the approaches of data can be integrated within SOA.

"There are two fundamental approaches to dealing with data integration within SOA: Build a global data model for your business which each connecting business unit must bridge into and out of in order to integrate with other units or build multiple data models."

Everything he has mentioned in this post makes complete sense & echoes our thoughts on the approach of o RainingData's MDM.

Second, Brenda Michelson's 'Agile & SOA: Like Apples & Oranges, Google & Search or Oil & Water?' on Business Driven Architect.

For the first time(atleast for me, since the time I have been following Brenda's blogs) has spoken on software engineering & was glad to know she supports Agile methodology as well. In this post, Brenda refers to an interesting article on by Rich Seeley covering Gregor Hohpe speaking on Agile & SOA as a powerful combination. As always, she has provides a different perspective to the conversation on two interesting subjects Agile & SOA.

Brenda has followed up this post with another interesting post using a good metaphor & more inputs from Annie Shum to speak more about Agile and SOA; titled 'Agile & SOA: Like Structure Building and City Planning (Special Guest Post)'.

Finally, the post from Gregor Hohpe explaining how 'Starbucks Does Not Use Two-Phase Commit' in a real world scenario. This article makes a good read in understanding on how & where 'Asynchronous & Synchronous messaging interactions work well'.