Friday, May 27, 2005

Compilation of FireFox Features

A month ago i stumbled upon LifeHacker-LH and it was a gateway for the world of new stuff happening on Softwares, Technology, Gizmos,etc.I regularly drop by LH and especially like the info i get on Firefox, as it has utilize Firefox to its best.

Here is compilation of few URL's on Firefox which i found while i was browsing LH, so take your time to read them so that u can use Firefox much more efficiently and be more productive:).

  1. Finetune Firefox
  2. Smooth Firefox mouse wheel scrolling
  3. Firefox keyboard shortcuts
  4. Easy Firefox ‘open in a new tab’
  5. Widen your Firefox search box
  6. Firefox web form spellcheck
  7. Customize Firefox address bar search
  8. Firefox bookmark keywords
  9. More Firefox tab shortcuts
  10. How to set up multiple homepages in Firefox
  11. Drag and drop Firefox tab reordering
So if u are not using Firefox or don't even know what is Firefox then i guess u need to make the switch right now and find it out here.

Source: LifeHacker

Next Generation of Credit Cards with RFID Technology

Some of the ideas which are presently floating in the RFID seem to be a take from some of the Sci-Fi movies Hollywood makes. As we are moving ahead with many innovations with the use of new Technologies, some of these fictions are being transformed into reality and can be used in our day-t0-day activities to lead a very hassle free life.

This story speaks about one of the successful use of RFID Technology in Banking sector. Here is an extract from the article "Chase Offers Contactless Cards in a Blink" on

"We're very focused on trying to figure out new opportunities for Chase customers to use their cards," says Rau. He explains that Chase conducted a pilot program in Orlando, Fla., in 2003 to develop the blink program. Chase also participated in a MasterCard PayPass pilot (see MasterCard to Test RFID Card). Rau claims that results from the blink pilot and other research shows that consumers consider contactless technology to be "simple, fast and convenient," and that "consumers enjoyed the added security from retaining possession of their cards while paying."


Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Google Trying Out Video Blogging

I have always admired Google for developing innovative services and products or for that matter everything they do is so creative. This time too there was no surprise when i hit upon this news about their idea on 'VBlogging' or 'Video Blogging' to be more precise. Let's wait and see what more features will be available from Google for the bloggers.

I feel Google should also support file sharing on blogger so that it would be very useful for sharing certain documents over web.