Friday, July 29, 2005

Microsoft Vista

In the past i have been very vocal against Microsoft Operating-System(OS) due to the several reasons like security lapses, frequent crashes, etc... I did use Linux for some time at home, but when my parents had to use the system then i had to switch to Windows b'coz it's easier for them to use, I feel that is major edge which Windows has over Linux.

Even though there is Graphical User Interface(GUI) in many of the present flavors of Linux, it's still takes sometime to unlearn some concepts from windows and learn things on Linux. It's easier for a technol guy to pick up things within couple of hours, but it ain't that simple with people who aren't aware of using different application softwares. So this where Micorsoft wins the battle of OS's in personal computing when it comes to desktops or notebooks. After the release of XP from Microsfot i have started liking them, because they have fixed some of the major glitches which were found in the previous OSs.

Next year Microsoft is coming out with a new OS called Windows Vista. Click for more on the vision, platform and philosophy.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Motorola to add Yahoo! Web Services to Mobiles

Web Services has changed the face of integration, and it's slowly making it's roads into the service integration on mobile phones. With Motorola having plans to integrate Yahoo Internet services - such as e-mail, search, instant messaging and news - into its handheld and desktop devices throughout the major markets, as early as in the first quarter of 2006, it looks very promising. It would start the next wave in the way we access Internet through mobile devices.

Source: Digital-lifestyles.

DoD getting real with the next generation SCI technology?

DoD is slowly adapting the new age technology called RFID. That's mainly because of these recent developments

(i) Where the Systems integrators ODIN Technologies and Unisys have been awarded a U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) blanket purchase agreement (BPA) under which all military services can use the companies to evaluate, install and integrate radio frequency identification systems. More...

(ii) In the EPC world, a revision to EPCglobal's tag data standard includes the Department of Defense's legacy product code formats. More...

Source: RFIDJournal

Friday, July 15, 2005

Porn, Dubai and Bluetooth phone hacking...

If you own a bluetooth mobile and you happen to be visiting Dubai, then i guess u need to read this article and update yourself on the use of Technology and Rules of the Land.

Porn, Dubai and Bluetooth phone hacking...

Police sound warning over obscene SMS

So next time when your are in a crowded place in Dubai, you better keep the bluetooth diabled on your mobile.

Source:The Register, Khaleej Times.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Yahoo Unveils new SMS service in US of A

Now Yahoo unveils the SMS service which would enable people to send text message queries to its search engine and receive results back on their mobile phones.

So by Yahoo providing this latest feature, it tries to compete with the exisiting beta service provided by Google SMS.

Source: The Register.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Sun Microsystems

Standford University Network well known to the world as SUN Microsystems, who made JAVA the favorite language for the WWW (world wide web).

Going by history, SUN has always tried to hold the control of JAVA. Apart from SUN, there have been lot of contirbutions to the JAVA world by IBM, BEA, HP to name a few. On the other hand the greatest, ever-growing, vibrant, diverse open-source community has been contributing dynamically towards the growth of the technology in many ways. Some of the big companies like IBM, BEA also have started contributing to the Open-Source World in developing frameworks. Thereby SUN is no longer the guiding light for the technology it invented according to this interesting article called "Sun faces open-source swarm".

Sun is not the only one who would face the challenge, rather it would be common for all the Big companies in the IT trade is from LAMP. If Open Source world would start developing products then it would definitely give a run for the money.

SUN is smart they have moved on with the open-source swarm, trying to get a major chunk on the latest techonlogy RFID which is grabbing the headlines. Here is an update on what SUN is doing w.r.t RFID.

Source: Wiki, Infoworld, ZDNet India.